About Stanley Colvin


For the past 15 years, Stanley Colvin has served the United States Department of State in Washington, DC. He began at the department in 1999 as an attorney. In this role at the department, he was frequently tasked with regulatory oversight responsibilities and required to oversee administrative law matters. Stanley Colvin was promoted to Deputy Assistant Secretary in 2008 and in 2012 was assigned by the Department to study at the National War College and the National Defense University, specializing in anti-terrorism and strategic securities, respectively. In 2013, Stanley Colvin returned to the U.S. State Department and was promoted to the position of senior advisor.

In addition to his work with the state department, Mr. Colvin works for Nyubiani as an advisory board member. Nyubiani is n AIDS orphanage was in Kenya with strong U.S. bipartisan support including Chris Matthews and the late Jesse Helms. This orphanage that has gone on to become a model for the modern delivery of AIDS health, education and prevention services. Stanley Colvin has also served a a board member for the National LGBT Museum and is also involved with several other professional groups.


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